Italiano con Saretta

Are you looking for an alternative way to learn Italian?

Learn italian through yoga

A special course where you can

increase your vocabulary,

improve oral and written comprehension

and your speaking

doing… yoga!

Italiano con Saretta

3, 10, 17 e 24 September

120 minute

Zoom live

What will you find in the course?

4 live meetings of 120 minutes

Where you will:

Learn the philosophy of Yoga

Origins of yoga




Practice the main positions of Yoga

Sun salutation and Moon salutation

Positions to improve flexibility, mobility and strength

Improve your Italian

Vocabulary (body parts and sports-related verbs)




You will also get:

A PDF file with the topics of the course

Recordings of all classes
(to see them again whenever you want)

Telegram Group
(where all communication will take place and you will be able to talk with the other participants)

The certificate of participation

Italiano con Saretta

Can I participate if I am a beginner in Italian?

The course is open to everyone,
but at least an A2 level is recommended.

If you are a beginner, don’t worry.
I will send all the material in advance.

Can I partecipate if I’ve nevere practiced Yoga?

Absolutely yes,
all practical lessons will be for beginners

Italiano con Saretta

What do you need to participate

A good internet connection
( we will use Skype )

A yoga mat

A hot drink to drink together
while we chat at the end of class


Introduction to yoga and sun salutation

What is Yoga?

Benefits of Yoga

Origins of Yoga

Styles of Yoga

Sun salutation (theory and practice)

Herbal tea together and a little chat

Let’s discover the world of chakras

Chakra: What are they?

What does it mean to meditate?

Practical lesson on the first 5 Chakras

Meditation on 6th and 7th Chakra

Herbal tea together and a little chat

We learn to breathe, sing and train our flexibility

Breathing (Pranayama)

Pratice of Pranayama

Mantra: What are they?

Practice of some mantras

Practical lesson: flexibility

Herbal tea together and a little chat

Moon salutation 🌙 and mudra

Mudra: What are they?

Practice of the most common mudras

Moon salutation: theory and practice.

Complete pratical lesson

Full moon rituals

Herbal tea together and a little chat


Italiano con Saretta
Italiano con Saretta
Italiano con Saretta

Improve your Italian by practicing Yoga

Expand your vocabulary, improve listening, have conversation and learn the basics of yoga
All this in 5 LIVE LESSONS of 90 minutes

for 49€

( only 15 places available )